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Anger Management Program

Program overview

The Anger Management Program is a psycho-educational program for children, adolescent and adults who have difficulty controlling their anger within their family, school and/or community. The focus of the program is to help participants identify underlying issues and to develop assertive rather than aggressive solutions. Anger itself is a natural way of reacting to threats or pain, which creates feelings and behaviors, which cause individuals to act in a defensive manner. However, the Anger Management program is specifically designed to help those individuals with high levels of anger to be able to control their anger.

The program focuses on:

• Sources of anger responses
• Anger identification and control
• Pro-social behavior
• Positive responses toward authority figures
• Self-esteem and social skills building
• Opportunities to build trust
• Moral development
• Self-respect
• Responsibility and responsible choices
• Conflict resolution
• Peer pressure

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